Fabryka Maszyn Spożywczych SPOMASZ Pleszew S.A.

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Fabryka Maszyn Spożywczych SPOMASZ Pleszew S.A.
Country: Poland

The company with its over 130 years of tradition specializes in manufacturing machines and equipment for food processing industry. History of the firm began in 1886. The company specializes in supplying individual devices as well as whole technological lines for confectionery, fruit and vegetables, breweries and spirit industries. We are authorized to manufacture machines and pressure vessels according to UDT and TÜV( polish certification bodies. The company has a research and development depatment in which it works with 40 engineers developing new innovative technological solutions.


dissolving and cooking kettles, evaporators for marmalade and jam production, vacuum evaporators, horizontal autoclaves, vertical autoclaves, spraying sterilizers, crystlizers, freeze-dryers, multipurpose sterilizers, filter tanks, industrials distilleries, sets and technological lines for production of hard and filled caramel seets. Our devices and technological lines are equipped with fully automated programs ensuring continuous monitoring of cooking, sterilization and pasteurization processes.