Solutions Maker Co., Ltd.

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Solutions Maker Co., Ltd.
Country: Thailand

Solutions Maker has resulted from experience in IT and Communication fields. With our expertise,
to merge hardware and software is easier. We has dedicated Professional Team to providing
Computing System, Data Network Infrastructure, and Time & Frequency Solution.

– Microsemi SyncServer S600 : Enterprise Network Time Server
– Microsemi SyncServer S650 : GPS Referenced NTP Time Server with IRIG -B, 10 MHz, E1, 1 PPS output
– Microsemi SyncServer S80 : Fully Integrated GPS NTP Time Server
– Microsemi BlueSky GNSS Firewall : Protecs GPS Systems against spoofing and jamming threats
– Microsemi TimeProvider 4100 : Precise Timing Grandmaster with Gateway Clock
– Microsemi IGM 1100 : Integrated GNSS Maser
– Microsemi PoE Midspands, PoE Injectors & PoE Swiitches