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Booth No. A09

Company name: GIS CO.,LTD.

Country: Thailand

Segment: Business Solutions, Smart Solutions & IoT

GIS Co., Ltd. is the industry leader in providing Geographic Information System – (GIS) One-Stop Services.
We provide system design consultation, GIS Software, Image Processing Software, Digital Base Mapping and Fields Surveys. Furthermore we also provide aerospace and satellite digital mapping
services, analysis of IT infrastructure with installation of hardware and software as well as after-sales services.


▪️ GeoSearch – Our Geosearch API helps turn your addresses in Thailand into geographic coordinates,
find POIs or the other way round. Run batch queries, store the results, and display them on a map from any provider.

▪️ GeoAnalyzer – Out Clound Solution amplifies market knowledge with the best location-based data to help you
better understand factors that drive growth. Uncover hidden opportunities for a competitive advantage.