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Country: Thailand

Focus One is designed and developed with the best structure of business core function similar to the globalized ERP software. All Modules will link all cross-module data ingrated from the operational process to management view as a real time process. Accurated data can make the management have a good decision making for the company.


Focus One has been developed more than 8 years by the team who has experience in the ERP software that are considered as one of top world class software. And expertise, the management report analysis will be able to bring as a real time data.
Therefore, Focus One is The best practise ERP Software for any companies who is very competitive in the market.


A-Gape developed various modules and functions to support complicated business models which are being increased by integrating the works on all systems in real-time for getting same data and at the same time. It is contained the corporate knowledge maintenance system, the communication system, the analytic reporting in the statistical model system and etc. To operate on Focus One will take a corporate to be universality. It is an essential to help a business owner determine the management strategy with accurate information, fast and cost reducing exactly.