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C.S.I Group
Country: Thailand

We are CSI Group, we are primarily working on various Business applications and development support for customer’s system for Japanese company expanded into Thailand. Recently, we emphasized in dealing not only with manufacturing business, but also with others mainly in distribution business and financial services based on our proficiency, such as Open System, Web Programing and also AS400 responding to customer demands.


Our Services

FLEX : ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the planning of resources within the organization. For the most benefit. And it improves the efficiency of organization management correctly and completely.

RUBIX is Full Warehouse Management System, able to manage Receiving Process, Management Process, Picking/Shipping Process, 3rd Party warehouse expend calculation and standard reports

Mi Unlock the Potential Hidden in your Data

The Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) Big Data Platform offer a full cycle of big data analytics consulting services to help you convert your production data into insights that lead to success. MI will ingest all manufacturing-related data together from many sources on to a big data platform for the proposes of reporting, analysis, virtual summaries, passing data between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems, preparing and modelling data for ML and DL.