AML Systems Co., Ltd.

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AML Systems Co., Ltd.
Country: Thailand

Organisation specialised in cyber security products and services. Design, plan and execute infrastructure suitable to the client in order to secure your information and other assets.

Aspen: SIEM Solution
Enable your organisation to be able to grasp its full view of the activities happening within your organisation in real time, easy to use and simple to manage even with a small team with the most cutting edge technology based on the Big Data Platform.

Deep Instinct:
The most advance APT Solution to defend against Unknown Malwares and other notorious emerging ransomware. The solution boasting its capabilities through the Deep Learning technology, able to detect and prevent threats on end point devices across multiple OS.

Cyber Qilin: Managed Security
Solution enabling your organisation to raise its own cyber security capability and receive the peace of mind with internationally recognised experts surveilling and proactively defending your information and assets