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Country: Japan


ABEJA provides AI based development tools for industrial reformation across various use cases. Since its establishment in 2012, ABEJA has developed state-of-the-art Deep Learning solutions for corporations following our mission of “Implement a Fruitful World”. ABEJA supports end-to-end process ranging from AI implementation to its utilization in industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure etc. In March 2017,Singapore office was established as a subsidiary to expand its operations globally with special focus in ASEAN region.


ML Ops Platform “ABEJA Platform”

A company-developed platform that can consistently advance the processes essential to AI applied to business such as data acquisition, storage, annotation (teacher’s data formation), learning, deployment, inference, and relearning. ABEJA has provided AI implementation achievements and know-hows cultivated since 2012 and constructed an environment that can implement AI into business the fastest and the quickest. So far, the Platform has been introduced to over 150 companies.